"The high notes are effortless, and I feel like I could sing for hours."

-Marcus Calderon, MT Performer, 2012

"Sean has greatly impacted my vocal production and understanding of my voice.  He has taught me technique and allowed me to grow as a singer. He has helped me find my own voice and work with me on things that I want to.  He knows how to talk to me and help me understand the technique-especially when it is all so conceptual. He is a great teacher. The best voice teacher I've ever had." -NYU Student, 2012

"This was one of the best classes I have taken because it taught me not only to sing better but allowed me to examine myself as a learner and as a vocalist. I have grown as a person and I truly appreciate what my instructor, Sean Buhr, has given me: Knowledge, skills, and confidence. Thank you for the journey."-NYU Student, 2011-2013

"Working with Sean was highly beneficial. Over the course of the past year he has helped me shape my voice and hone a healthy technique.  Having no prior voice history, Sean was very patient and also very creative with helping me understand and perform vocally.  He used many tips and tricks to help me naturally develop and internalize techniques. I feel my range, strength, and sound quality have all tremendously improved." -NYU Student, Spring 2012

"Great Teacher!"-NYU Student, 2012

"Very Inspiring"-NYU Student, 2012

"This is the voice I want to work with. I can access higher parts of my range, tweak mechanisms, and work on consistency!"
-Beau P., 2011-2012

"I feel like I have come a really long way in just a year in terms of negotiating my falsetto and the higher parts of my voice in general."

-Beau P., 2011-2012

"I was given tools that expanded my range and gave me more confidence to sing."-NYU Student, 2012

"Really helped me with some of my personal voice concerns and helped to develop my falsetto a lot."-NYU Student, 2012

"My only regret is I wish I could have taken an hour long lesson rather than a half hour in order to progress farther.  I had no idea how difficult I was making singing until Sean showed me what I was doing incorrectly.  I found the lesson to be invaluable to my personal development as a singer."-NYU Student, 2012

"Truly an enjoyable experience!"-NYU Senior, Spring 2011

"Great teacher!"-NYU Senior, Spring 2011

"And THAT'S what I took away most from our time together...CHOICES!  You really have opened up another side to my voice.  It is so nice to feel conscious of the sound that I'm producing, as oppose to being at the will of the "organic act of singing" and hoping that what happens naturally will be right."

-Marcus Calderon, MT Performer, 2012